Remote R Evaluator

rreval is a means for using R on a remote system from within a local R session.  Any R expression can be evaluated on the remote server. All non-graphical results are returned to the local R session: this includes the results of remote evaluations and (nearly) all textual output, including errors and warnings. 

Communication is via ssh port forwarding, so the system is reasonably secure. rreval supports uploading and downloading R objects and scp file tranfers.

Expressions are evaluated by an R session on a remote system running the rreval server. When a local R session connects to a server, the local client has exclusive use of the remote R session until it disconnects; i.e. an R server handles only one client at a time.

rreval manual

Download: rreval (CRAN)
License: GPL 3.0
Author: Barnet Wagman